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10 Resources to Learn About Tattoo Removal

I get questions every day about laser tattoo removal because it is an interesting and complicated topic. While performing some of my own research, I realized that others would probably like to use these resources I found to learn more themselves.

The following list provides 10 resources that can help you learn and understand more about tattoo removal. Some are academic papers, most are articles about laser tattoo removal or other aspects of the art of tattoo. Please enjoy!


  • Web MD – This webpage provides a good high-level working knowledge about laser tattoo removal. I recommend reading if you want to know what to expect when you come in for a treatment.
  • Kirby-Desai Scale – This webpage from Astanza Laser is a good introduction to the Kirby-Desai scale. It also describes how to use the scale, so that you can understand how many treatments you may need to remove your tattoo.
  • Laser Tattoo Removal Video – One of the best ways to learn about something is to watch it happen. This link will take you to a video we produced that demonstrates laser tattoo removal in action.


  • NPR – National Public Radio published an interesting article talking about how ink is trapped in the skin. This is recommended reading for easily understood explanations of the science behind tattooing.
  • Science World – Science World gives a bit about the psychology behind tattoos and the potential stigma around them. Also has a short explainer about the process behind tattoo ink entering the skin.
  • Skin Cancer Foundation – With a laser light based therapy, skin cancer is a concern for many. The skin cancer foundation went to an expert to understand the risks.
  • Inverse – Interesting article from Inverse about why tattoo ink stays in the skin. Even though our skin is constantly repairing itself, our immune system makes certain that the ink cannot leave.
  • The Atlantic – This fascinating article from The Atlantic gives a deep dive into the history of tattooing and attempted tattoo removal. Tells the story of some of the first Europeans to “accidentally” get a tattoo.

Scholarly Articles

Well, I hope you have enjoyed some of the recommended reading about laser tattoo removal! These 10 resources have helped us to understand and explain the process around laser tattoo removal, and I hope they helped you understand as well.

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July Questions and Answers

Should I remove my visible tattoos for a better chance at getting a job? (L.J. from Largo, FL)

To me, it really depends on the profession. At our clinic, people get their tattoos removed for a lot of reasons. One of the many reasons that we see is when people who are looking to change jobs or job industries. The most common jobs these folks are seeking are military, followed by law enforcement.

Unlike law enforcement and the military, many jobs don’t have strict codes requiring employees to not have visible tattoos. In these cases, where possible, I would recommend simply covering the tattoo instead of going through removal. Unless you really don’t like the tattoo anymore, the expense and time required for tattoo removal are unlikely to be worth the slightly better prospects for finding a job.

Should I try getting a cover up tattoo first or just go straight to laser removal treatments? (E.V. from St. Petersburg, FL)

At our clinic we see many different clients. Some come to us to get a tattoo lightened before seeing an artist for a cover-up, and some simply want their tattoo completely vanished. My question for anyone in this situation is why do you want the tattoo removed or covered up?

I have clients who want their tattoo gone because they don’t like the look of ink in that spot on their body. In this case, laser removal is the pretty obvious answer.

I have other clients who want the tattoo gone because it reminds them of a part of their past, such as an ex, that they want to forget. In this case, a cover-up might be sufficient but perhaps removal is the better way to erase the constant reminder from their skin.

Finally, I have clients who simply don’t like the tattoo they have chosen (or been talked into, more often). These clients frequently come to me for 2 to 4 treatments before finding an artist and design that they like and getting a new tattoo over the old one.

In any case, it is best to understand why you no longer love your tattoo. You can then take action to fix the problem via the best method possible.

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