June Questions and Answers

How difficult is it to remove stick and poke tattoos?

I’ve found that stick and poke tattoos are sometimes the hardest to judge when it comes to the difficulty/number of sessions. Some stick and pokes were given with a light hand, with only a small amount of ink in the dermis of the skin. These tattoos remove quickly, easily and in a few sessions.

However, a stick and poke tattoo has the potential to put ink much deeper into the dermis than is necessary. An unsteady hand may poke deep into your skin, where ink is more difficult to remove. In these cases, a tattoo could lighten quickly with the first couple sessions, and then become very difficult to remove in spots where the needle went too deep.

Can you estimate how many treatments I would need?

Stick and poke tattoos are not the majority of our removals, but we do have experience treating this type of tattoo. What we have learned is that we make no promises about the number of treatments. Our advice to clients is that maybe their artist had a light touch and they could be lucky… but maybe they aren’t. Either way, we understand that tattoo removal is important to our clients, and we are here to guide them through that process with honesty and integrity.

Posted by evanescelaser