Removing Permanent Makeup

permanent makeup
Microblading tattoo on the eyebrows

We get questions about using laser tattoo removal for permanent makeup nearly every week, so it seemed like a good idea to blog about. The question I get most often is, “Can you remove my (eyebrow, lip, hairline, etc.) permanent makeup?”

The answer to that question is almost always yes, but many clients choose not to go forward with treatment. We want to share why, so you can make an informed decision:

  • Brown pigment in tattoo ink can turn orange with treatment, and it stays that way for the weeks in between your treatment.
  • If the tattoo is in a hair line, the laser can kill some of the hair follicles, removing hair that is still wanted.
  • While it is not common, there is a small chance of blistering when receiving laser treatment. Blisters on the face can be unsightly.
  • Finally, aftercare is critically important. Treatments that aren’t properly cared for are at the highest risk for infection.

I do want to add that there are a few places where we absolutely cannot remove permanent makeup. Eyeliner is a good example of what cannot be treated, because the laser is powerful enough to damage the cornea through the eyelid.

If you have read the warnings and still want to get a treatment, then we can treat your tattoo. But please be careful and discuss the procedure with your laser technician, because the skin on your face is very important!

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