What can I do between treatments to help the process?

This is a question we hear frequently at our clinic, and we recommend our clients do a few things between treatments. First, follow all of the aftercare instructions. These were developed to maximize both your healing and the fading of the tattoo.

Second, we highly recommend doing activities that increase blood flow to the area. Our lasers are great at breaking your tattoo ink into small pieces, but it is your immune system that does the work of removal in between treatments.

This means that if the tattoo is on your hand or forearm, use a stress ball every day to stimulate blood flow. If it is instead on your foot or lower leg, take a daily walk or jog to make sure your tattoo is getting fresh blood. Once the skin has completely healed, an occasional massage is also a great way to get blood flowing and give the immune system a boost.

Finally, do the things that are important to take care of your skin. Protect yourself from the sun, use your preferred product for dry skin (we prefer Aquaphor), and avoid products that would damage or abrade your skin.

If you haven’t started the process yet and are just learning about laser tattoo removal, please feel free to give us a call or schedule a free consultation to learn more!

Posted by evanescelaser